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Peak NDT Limited specialises in the design, manufacture and support of a range of high-performance ultrasonic instrumentation and associated products for conventional pulse-echo inspection, TOFD and phased array. MicroPulse was the first multi-channel digital instrument available commercially. Today, the latest variants represent state-of-the-art technology and performance for automated, semi-automated and even manual inspections.

MicroPulse 5™
The latest in the long-established line of MicroPulses for automated conventional pulse-echo and TOFD inspections.

MicroPulse PA™
Peak NDT's phased array MicroPulse with all channels available for beam forming. Available in the following configurations: 64/64, 128/128, 256/256 and even 512/512. FMC capable.

MicroPulse FMC™
Dedicated FMC MicroPulse with higher frame rate.

MicroPulse 5PA™
Conventional MicroPulse and phased array in one package. Completely separate channels for pulse-echo/TOFD ensure that the performance is not compromised.

MicroPulse LT™
Revolutionary instrument for pulse-echo/TOFD/immersion testing with up to eight channels. Unparalleled performance in a small IP67-rated enclosure.

Four channels of MicroPulse with two axes of encoder integrated into a military specification ruggedised laptop, giving a one-box acquisition system for anything from manual inspection through to fully automated.

Software platforms
With an intelligible instruction set, now extended for phased array, and open data output format, the MicroPulse range of instruments gives the user the ultimate choice in terms of software platform. This includes not only British Energy's MIPS and GUIDE but also Peak NDT's own software, LTScan, with pulse-echo, TOFD and corrosion mapping complete in one package. Recently added to the options available and more appropriate for in-line testing systems and the aerospace market is Winspect/InspectionWare from UTEX Scientific. For phased array, Peak NDT's software includes a necessary beam model to verify that the desired focusing characteristics can be achieved.

Peak NDT's team of highly-skilled and experienced engineers has well over 60 years' cumulative experience in the field of ultrasonic NDT, not only in electronic design and software development but also in ultrasonic applications, mechanical design and system integration, the result being that all of its products and systems are designed with the end-user in mind.

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