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  • O - Optical Methods General
  • O3 - Laser-based Inspection
  • O4 - Thermography
  • S - Stress Measurement
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  • Trade Group Member (BINDT)

Dantec Dynamics is a leading provider of laser shearography systems and services. Laser shearography is an optical technique used mainly on composites, which can also be applied to flexible materials, such as fabrics and rubber. It provides full-field, non-contact results quickly, making it ideal for in-field testing of large areas for the detection of delaminations, disbonds, wrinkles, kissing bonds, impact damage and much more.
Dantec provides two turnkey solutions:

  • FlawExplorer: A flexible tripod-mounted system that can be used to look at 10 cm × 10 cm up to 2 m² in one shot. With up to eight laser diodes, this can be used on both curved and flat surfaces. It can be used with all excitation methods, including heat, vacuum, vibration and so on.
  • Q-810: A rugged in-field solution based on a vacuum hood design that allows testing under vacuum or heat-loading conditions to be carried out. Developed for in-field use, it covers large areas quickly with a simple two-button control and touch-screen feedback.

Dantec also provides customised automated inspection systems; these can be robotic or gantry-based systems for production QA. All systems run on the common ISTRA software platform, providing clear and easy-to-interpret results through Dantec's unique real-time phase display. In addition, Dantec provides equipment hire and full measurement services.

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