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Bedford I-lab, Priory Business Park, Stannard Way, Bedford MK44 3RZ, UK
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Shirley Underwood
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  • U - Ultrasonic General
  • U1 - Ultrasonic Flaw Detection and Sizing
  • U2 - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
  • Z - Other methods: Hardness Testing, UCI
  • U4 - Ultrasonic Phased Array
  • U3 - TOFD
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  • Trade Group Member (BINDT)

Proceq is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality portable solutions for the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry. Proceq’s products are globally recognized as innovative, durable and built to the highest possible industry standards. Proceq has taken a leadership position in additional NDT instruments for the metal industry as well as concrete, paper and other construction materials.

Within the metal industry Proceq is acclaimed for the Equotip Brand.  Equotip 550 is the most versatile all-in-one solution for portable hardness testing using dynamic Leeb, Portable Rockwell, and UCI probes. Features such as multi-probe connectivity, custom conversion curves, customizable reports and data export to PC, deliver unparalleled flexibility with all three testing methods.

After the 2016 launch of Equotip® Live, the world’s first Internet of Things wireless hardness tester, the company is ready to set even more benchmarks in 2019 with the release of Proceqs UT8000 Flaw detector.

The Swiss Made, rugged, IP67-rated base unit for detecting flaws such as cracks and voids in metals and composites connects to your iPad and gets to the real work faster.  The Proceq UT8000’s Live app enhances productivity with intelligent software features, such as the straightforward, gesture-driven calibration procedure, the built-in indication table, and the ability to rewind time for each indication. Review measurements and communicate findings and insights enriched with voice, photo, and text annotations that deliver end-to-end traceability and peace of mind.

The UT8000 is the latest innovation to complete our range of Ultrasonic instruments such as the Proceq Flaw Detector 100 for TOFD, Phased array and thickness testing.

With subsidiaries in North and South America, United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, China and Singapore, the company provides its international customers with excellent local support.

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