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RADAC ® – Radiographic Accessories Limited has been established for over 50 years. Radiographic Accessories Limited is the owner of the famous RADAC brand products. RADAC is a global leader in the manufacture of high-quality accessories for industrial radiography. RADAC manufactures and supplies:

Lead intensifying screens.

Copper intensifying screens.

Flexible cassettes.

Image quality indicators.

Lead markers and marker tapes.

Radiation warning signs.

Interleaving paper.

Film cutting service and daylight packing.

Ready to use – Cassettes with X-ray film – consist of X-ray film and intensifying screens of any desired grade and shape enclosed in a light tight disposable flexible plastic cassettes, ready for exposure.

Computed radiography – Custom sized and shaped CR imaging plates and matching plastic flexible plate protectors.

Full products and pricing catalogue is available to download on the company's website www.radac.co.uk

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