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RADAC ® – Radiographic Accessories Limited has been established for over 50 years. Radiographic Accessories Limited is the owner of the famous RADAC brand products. RADAC claims to be the world’s leading manufacturer of specialised high-quality accessories for industrial radiography. RADAC manufactures and supplies:

Lead intensifying screens

Copper intensifying screens

Flexible cassettes

Image quality indicators

Lead markers and marker tapes

Custom-shaped CR imaging plates

Cassettes for imaging plates

Radiation warning signs

Interleaving paper

Film cutting service and daylight packing

Ready to use – Cassettes with X-ray film

RADAC’S 'ready to use' cassettes with film – consist of X-ray film and intensifying screens of any desired grade and shape enclosed in a light tight disposable flexible plastic cassettes, ready for exposure.

Full products and pricing catalogue is available to download on the company's website www.radac.co.uk



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