Inuktun Europe Ltd

Unit 3 Crombie House, Grandholm Village, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen AB22 8BD
+44 (0)1224 701444
Brian Storie
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  • O1 - Visual Inspection
  • U2 - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging

Inuktun Services Ltd is a world-class designer and manufacturer of advanced robotic crawlers and remote-controlled video camera inspection systems. Inuktun provides standard off-the-shelf products, along with modified systems to meet almost any inspection or tooling requirements.

For use in confined spaces and hazardous environments, most of Inuktun's products are waterproof to at least 60 m water depth. Applications include: pipe, caisson and riser inspection, internal and external tank inspection, subsea inspection, ship hull inspection, remote sampling, duct inspection, task monitoring, search and rescue operations and marine biology activities.

Built on the principles of modular design, Inuktun's compact and highly-versatile systems allow customers to select from a range of standard cameras, crawlers and controllers to create their own off-the-shelf yet customised solutions. These systems can then be reconfigured or re-equipped for alternative operating conditions or inspection tasks.

In addition to designing and producing equipment, Inuktun can offer clients a complete range of services, from conceptual design through to project completion. Inuktun also offers components to customers for use in their own applications.

Reliability, efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness are emphasised in the design of all equipment, with remotely-operated vehicles operating on a rugged, steerable track system and guided by an intuitive control system for ease of operation.

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