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Industrial Products Division, Heesenstraße 31, 40549 Düsseldorf, Germany
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Industrial X-Ray Film, Film Processors and Digital Radiographic Imaging
Fujifilm Europe GmbH leads the world with computed radiographic systems. The introduction of the new DynamIx range of industrial CR readers and workstations gives NDT users the flexibility to enhance and manipulate radiographic images, which can be viewed on screen, digitally archived or transmitted to other locations – without using film or chemicals.

Recently added to the range are the DynamIx FXR DDA panel and FXR Pads. These integrate fully with existing CR Readers and workstations via user-friendly VU software packages.
You may, of course, still follow the conventional route with Fuji IX industrial X-ray films, which are readily available in a full range of sizes and grades (including HD), as sheet or roll, and pre-packed with lead should you require the 'ready-to-go' approach.
For further details of Fujifilm's conventional film or to 'go digital' with the company's DynamIx systems, contact Fujifilm Europe GmbH.

Also available are a range of 'Prescale' pressure-sensitive films, 'Thermoscale' temperature-sensitive film for heat distribution measurement and 'UV scale' for measurement of light distribution.

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