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  • LE - Leak Testing
  • U - Ultrasonic General
  • U2 - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
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  • Trade Group Member (BINDT)
  • ISO 9001:2008

Cygnus Instruments has been a leading and trusted manufacturer of ultrasonic testing equipment since 1983.

A pioneer of the multiple-echo measuring technique which has long since been an industry standard for through-coating measurement of material thickness, Cygnus thrives on developing a product range that is application driven and user focused.

Cygnus provides both underwater and surface-based UT gauges and one of Cygnus’s most advanced gauges is the MK5 Cygnus 6+ PRO. Developed with a primary focus on the non-destructive testing industry and user, the Cygnus 6+ is not only compact and easy to operate but also provides an excellent array of key features required by an NDT user.

Integrating features such as single-echo and echo-echo measuring modes, A-scan and live B-scan displays, comprehensive data logging, measurement stability indicator, plus much more into Cygnus’s MK5 range of ultrasonic thickness gauges has expanded the usability of Cygnus gauges to a wider scope of industrial uses.

All of Cygnus’s MK5 gauges have been rigorously tested to military specification; drops from height (onto concrete), extreme vibrations and extremes of heat and cold will all be shrugged off by the unit – which is also completely environmentally sealed to IPX7 (water) and IP6X (dust).

Other ultrasonic thickness gauges in the Cygnus range also include: the wrist-mountable Cygnus DIVE with live A-scan and B-scan displays for subsea thickness measurement verification to 300 msw; the RINA-type approved Underwater model designed for divers taking thickness measurements, also to 300 msw; the Intrinsically Safe model, certificated to ATEX and CSA; the ROV-mountable series with probe handling solutions; and the Heavy Duty model.

As well as ultrasonic thickness gauges, Cygnus also offers an ABS and Type approved ultrasonic hatch cover and door leak detector and its newest addition – an ultrasonic flooded member detection system for use by diver and ROV.

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