Nikon Metrology

Tring Business Centre, Icknield Way, Tring, Hertfordshire HP23 4JX
+44 (0)1442 828700
Alistair Watson
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Nikon Metrology (NM) is a manufacturer and supplier of world-leading NDT and metrology equipment.


Based in Tring, Hertfordshire, NM produces the outstanding and unique microfocus X-ray/CT systems that are used for research, testing, inspection and analysis within a huge array of applications.


It also operates a bureau service at this manufacturing facility for those companies wishing to sample the insight into their products that only CT can provide without the outlay of a system of their own.


Ranging from 130 kV to 750 kV, the company's proprietary sources are all manufactured in the UK and are all microfocus. The bureau service has access to a large suite of these systems, which covers the range of power output (including 750 kV and 750 W).


Radiographs, CT images, CT slices, videos and volumes can all be provided via various means (HDD, DVD and so on) and the company currently does this for prestigious companies within F1, aerospace, automotive, medical, materials, plastic moulding, electronics/assembly, geology and so on.

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