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John Pitcher, Products, or Peter Conlin, Inspection Services
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Sonomatic is a multidisciplined engineering design, development, manufacturing and application services organisation, providing innovative solutions to clients' challenges in the field of non-destructive testing.
Sonomatic has over 20 years' experience of providing state-of-the-art products and services, with the main focus on the use of ultrasound. The company's core product is Microplus, a multi-channel digital data acquisition and imaging system that can execute a broad range of applications using various techniques. In addition, Sonomatic offers procedure development, consultancy and training. Sonomatic is the forerunner in the application of time-of-flight diffraction and has continued to provide a consistent quality of service to its customer base. Sonomatic maintains the competency and expertise that makes it the market leader in this field. This statement is validated by the consistency of results from client trials and round-robin exercises.
In order to maximise the benefit of inspection to clients, Sonomatic also offers a range of consultancy services related to equipment integrity. Non-intrusive inspection assessment, planning and evaluation is a major activity within this area.
Sonomatic is the leading provider of NII services in the North Sea and its extensive experience in this area helps clients to realise the benefits of an effective approach. Integrity support services also cover development and implementation of integrity management plans, these being based on an in-depth understanding of the role of inspection in the safe and efficient management of equipment. Fitness-for-service assessments are provided for clients and robust solutions are provided through detailed analysis based on high-quality inspection data provided by Sonomatic Field Services. A range of statistical analysis methodologies has also been developed and these ensure that the value of inspection data, as used in the integrity management process, is maximised.

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