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+44 (0)845 605 0228
Karan Dakup (Corporate), Silvia Daras (Training)
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  • Trade Group Member (BINDT)
  • RCNDE Member, BS EN 1SO 9001:2015, HOIS, ASNT Corporate Partner

Guided Ultrasonics Limited (GUL) was established in 1999 by members of a research team at Imperial College’s Mechanical Engineering Department and is now a global leader in the provision of guided wave technology, training and services. Guided wave testing (GWT) is a relatively new non‑destructive testing (NDT) method, which has been pioneered by GUL since its incorporation, and the company has led the way in setting up the global standards for pipeline inspection and monitoring. GUL is committed to continuous improvement to meet the needs and expectations of the industry.

GUL provides the following services:
•  Supply of guided wave inspection equipment
•  Training of personnel
•  Servicing of equipment
•  Supply of spares
•  Consultancy and support services.

Training and qualification services

Guided Ultrasonics Ltd Training (GULT) is a division of GUL that offers classroom and on‑site training for the guided wave testing (GWT) method for applications using the GUL Wavemaker® system. GULT has trained over 2500 inspectors globally and continues to host more than 50 training courses each year. Training and qualification exams can be carried out at the company's premises in London or at any other location worldwide. It offers application‑specific qualifications and training.

Its world-class courses include:

  • Level 1 Pipe, which covers testing parameters, data interpretation and reporting
  • Level 2 SP, which covers advanced inspection of supports and process pipes
  • Level 2 XB, which covers advanced inspection of road crossings and buried pipes
  • Level 2 PM, which covers advanced training on corrosion detection and monitoring using the gPIMS system
  • Level 1 and 2 QSR, which covers advanced training on quantitative short-range guided wave scanning using the QSR1®
  • Appreciation Course for Pipeline Inspection, which covers the fundamental concepts, strengths and commercial benefits of using guided wave technology.

Visit GULT's course timetable for more details.

Software: WAVEPRO™
GUL offers specialist software with unique and advanced features for guided wave testing and monitoring, including patented technologies for continuous frequency sweeping, absolute calibration and quantitative measurement of wall loss. The software uses the latest artificial intelligence routines.

GW Systems: Wavemaker®, gPIMS® and QSR®
GUL develops and manufactures innovative GWT systems that are commonly used for screening, monitoring and scanning of pipes, pipelines, rails and tubular structures.

Research & Development
With over 20 years of experience in guided wave technology and numerous world experts in the field, GUL is well equipped to advise on how guided waves can provide an efficient solution to your inspection needs. The company can support your inspection programmes or develop specialist sensors when required.

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