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Verasonics, a privately held company founded in 2001, is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, USA. It is a team comprising scientists, engineers and technical experts with hundreds of years of combined ultrasound experience.

Verasonics designs and sells leading-edge Vantage ultrasound research systems for academic and commercial investigators. These real-time software-based programmable ultrasound systems accelerate research by providing unsurpassed speed and control to simplify the data collection and analysis process.

Researchers in 34 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania routinely use Verasonics product solutions to advance the art and science of ultrasound through their own research efforts. With unparalleled flexibility, Vantage simplifies the acquisition and analysis of acoustic data to advance research and development. 

The mission of Verasonics is to provide researchers and developers with the most advanced and flexible tools that enable them to develop new algorithms and products used in biomedical ultrasound, materials science, earth sciences and the physics of acoustics and ultrasonics. Its staff have distinguished themselves in clinical, commercial, academic and start-up ultrasound environments, including:

  • Front-end hardware: state-of-the-art analogue and digital signal processing for the highest fidelity ultrasound transmission and acquisition
  • Software beamforming: real-time image reconstruction using pixel-oriented processing and very high frame rates
  • Computer-based ultrasound: PCIe interfacing, software signal and image reconstruction 
  • Commercialisation and licensing: development and commercialisation of academic IP and engineering support for emerging ultrasound technologies
  • Leading-edge applications: expertise in focused ultrasound for intervention and therapy, elastography, photoacoustics, novel transducer technologies, non-destructive evaluation, high channel count systems, high-frequency pre-clinical imaging and more.
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