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Mr Graham Cross
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  • C - Coating Thickness Measurement
  • E - Electromagnetic General
  • E1 - Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  • E2 - Magnetic Flux Leakage methods
  • E3 - Eddy Current Testing
  • EC - Erosion/Corrosion
  • LP - Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  • O1 - Visual Inspection
  • O3 - Laser-based Inspection
  • O4 - Thermography
  • R - Radiography General
  • U - Ultrasonic General
  • U1 - Ultrasonic Flaw Detection and Sizing
  • U2 - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
Affiliations & Approvals:
  • BSI Registered Firm
  • Service Inspection Group (SIG) Member (BINDT)
  • Asset Integrity Management Services

EM&I has been established for 40 years and has bases strategically located worldwide, delivering cost-effective solutions locally with the benefits that come from global experience.

EM&I has experience of the oil & gas industry, both on- and offshore, and it uses its wider industrial experience of the marine, power generation, petrochemical, refinery, nuclear and aerospace industries to bring innovation and solutions to its clients.

EM&I's client base includes, but is not limited to: Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, TOTAL, MODEC, SBM, BHP and Woodside Energy.

The company provides Operations and Asset Integrity Management Services (O-AIMS), which is a lifecycle programme that can be applied to any offshore and onshore facilities at concept/FEED, operations, life extension and decommissioning stages of the asset life.

O-AIMS incorporates tailor-made criticality-based programmes to ensure inspection, monitoring and maintenance activities are focused on precisely what matters: reducing costs and the risk of unplanned shutdowns.

O-AIMS interfaces with maintenance, operations, safety and senior management activities.

Specialist site services ensure that inspection and surveys, condition monitoring, maintenance and repairs are carried out safely, with minimal disruption to operations and production.

EM&I's service-based specialist inspection repair and maintenance methods range from award-winning topsides and subsea inspection tools, through to hot work habitats and truly practical access systems.

All EM&I's services are designed for integration into the O-AIMS package. Although EM&I's products are innovative, they have been tried and tested with the benefits that only 'sharp-end' experience can bring. With a full product support package, EM&I methods are acknowledged as the industry standard.

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