KCF adds machine health optimisation platform


KCF Technologies, a pioneering force in the field of machine health optimisation, has announced the acquisition of its 23rd patent, reinforcing its position as an industry leader in innovative solutions for machine health monitoring. This newest patent, titled: ‘Machine-triggered health data collections with automatically set delay’, defines an innovative way to measure the health of complex equipment using KCF’s Internet of Things (IoT) Hub. 

The KCF IoT Hub has already established itself as a transformative technology, setting new standards for complex equipment. This advanced hardware is engineered to offer an array of capabilities, including triggered and synchronous samples, intermittent equipment monitoring, speed change tracking and repetitive cycle analysis. In addition to monitoring complex equipment, what sets the KCF IoT Hub apart is its unparalleled ability to consolidate data from various sensors, such as tachometers and those measuring ultrasound, oil quality, pressure and more, into a single software ecosystem. This unique capability is said to enable the platform to achieve an impressive 3.6 times greater asset coverage than other machine health providers, streamlining and enhancing machine health monitoring in diverse industrial settings. 

The newly patented feature introduces a low-power sensing method that revolutionises the way certain machines, such as cranes and robots, are monitored. For these types of complex and intermittently operating equipment, the health of the equipment needs to be assessed at certain points in time during its operation when the load and speed are steady to keep from confusing a normal operational condition with a machine health problem. KCF’s patent introduces a method to determine the precise timing when a steady condition is established relative to a trigger signal that indicates the start of the equipment’s operation. This timing is then used to initiate monitoring in subsequent operating cycles. 

“KCF Technologies is dedicated to spearheading sustainability, safety and competitiveness across industries by addressing machine health challenges head-on,” said Jeremy Frank, CEO at KCF Technologies. “Our 23rd patent showcases our commitment to innovation and our passion for developing cutting-edge solutions that empower industries to eliminate downtime, waste and operational setbacks.”