Gail Long Early Career Woman Engineer of the Year Award

Open award for members and non-members 

Award criteria

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to recognise women at an early stage of their career in any field of NDT/CM/SHM and associated science, engineering and technologies. It aims to raise the profile of women in engineering, and of NDT and its related disciplines and industries, with a contribution over a period of at least 2-5 years.

The award highlights activity in the following areas: contribution to the NDT/CM/SHM or wider engineering community; contribution in research, education, technological innovation; and the promotion and practice of NDT/CM/SHM. Nominees can be active in any relevant sector or industry. 

The award is named in honour of the late Gail Long, winner of the BINDT Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017, who made a major contribution in the NDT community. 

Details of the award: The award will consist of a certificate plus £300 cash/bank transfer, an invitation to either the NDT or CM Annual Conference Dinner and one night’s accommodation. 

Eligibility: Nominees should have made a valuable contribution to the NDT/CM/SHM community, either through R&D, technology innovation, development or transfer, by developing strategies leading to new technology development and exploitation, by contribution to standards or by facilitating significant change in NDT/CM/SHM. 

The suggested guideline on ‘early career’ is within 10-15 years of starting work as an engineer (excluding career breaks). 

This is intended to recognise contributions over a period of at least 2-5 years.

The proposer of the award should be a voting member of the Institute. If they are not, they will need to ensure the application is endorsed by an Institute voting member.

Frequency: The prize will be awarded annually and will only be issued if suitable nominations are received.

Nomination arrangements: Nominations should be submitted by email to:

Nominations for the award will be reviewed by the Membership, Qualification and Education (MQ&E) Committee. If there is only one nomination, then MQ&E should vote to confirm whether the nomination is eligible and, if so, to approve the award. 

If there is more than one nomination, then the entries should be sent for judging by a panel set up for the purpose. Four members of the panel are to be appointed by MQ&E. Each judge will be invited to score the entries on a point scale of 0 to 3 and send the scores to Karen Cambridge, who will total the scores, and the entry receiving the most points will be declared the winner. 

Awarding arrangements: The certificate and cash/bank transfer will be awarded to the winner at their choice of either the NDT or CM Annual Conference Dinner.

Committee: MQ&E and Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Group (DIAG).


2022 winner: Danielle Elizabeth Adams

The winner of the Gail Long Early Career Woman Engineer of the Year Award for 2022 is Danielle Elizabeth Adams.

Danielle Elizabeth Adams started her welding/non-destructive testing (NDT) journey as a welding apprentice nearly 13 years ago in the shipyards in Glasgow. She completed an apprenticeship and a HNC in welding, fabrication and inspection and knew that she had chosen the perfect career for her. Danielle has always been fascinated by manufacturing and construction and wanted to continue learning the ins and outs of how welding is an integral part of manufacturing. She continued to study and learn the engineering science behind welding and became very interested in how these welds were inspected.

This is where Danielle’s NDT career started, in 2021 with Altrad Babcock. She quickly gained her PCN Level 2s in ultrasonic testing (UT) and penetrant testing (PT) and a CSWIP 3.1. During her time there, Danielle managed the NDT scope of a high-profile project where she supervised a team of NDT technicians, signed off all NDT reports and liaised very closely with the client. In parallel, she was given an amazing opportunity to lead and project manage a long-term technically demanding development project for the replacement of radiography with phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) at Hinkley Point C (HPC). During this project, Danielle decided to transfer to EDF on-site at HPC, where she carries out client inspections and welding/NDT surveillance. She has recently achieved a PCN Level 2 in magnetic particle inspection (MPI) and is working towards PCN Level 2s in PAUT and RAD. Danielle is aiming to achieve a PCN Level 3 in UT by March 2024. She has also enrolled for an International Welding Engineer (IWE) diploma at The Welding Institute and will be starting an MSc in welding engineering next year.

In the future, Danielle is hoping to become the welding/NDT subject matter expert during the construction of Sizewell C.

Past winners:
2020    Dr Maria Felice and Rachael Southgate
2021    Samantha McInnes-Rankin

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