Certification Webinars

April-October 2017 

Please join BINDT webinars via the link below:
BINDT Video Conference

Alternatively, copy the following URL into your chosen browser:

Google Chrome Web Browser is recommended. For other Web Browsers - Firefox; Safari, IE, etc - you can use the same link but you will be prompted to download & install a small application - 'Cisco Meeting’ - to run the meeting.

You will be able to use your computer to connect to the video conference, using its webcam, microphone and speakers - however a headset with microphone is recommended to improve audio performance for yourself and all others within the meeting.

Please ensure that your computer has the best possible connection to the Internet - if possible connect to your network via an Ethernet cable.

Should you wish to join by telephone, please use the most appropriate number for your location from the list below:
UK: (+44) (0)203 608 3000
Ireland - Dublin: (+353) (1) 76 680 1098
US: (+1) 646 396 0444
SG: (+65) 3158 6600
AUS: (+61) 2 8607 8787
Global access from 40 Countries: http://ubiety.me/numbers

Call ID: 50109064#
Passcode: 1954#

For assistance in joining this Ubiety Meeting Space call or to contact support please visit http://ubiety.me/support/