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 British, European and International Standards
Copies of all British Standards (BS) and many of foreign origin may be obtained from the British Standards Institution (Customer Services Department), 389 Chiswick High Road, London W4 4AL. Tel: +44 (0)345 080 9000. Basic information such as number, title and price may be obtained free from the BSI website at

Many British standards are devoted exclusively to specific applications of NDT or to general NDT techniques. There are also several British standard application standards that contain clauses on NDT. Thirdly, there are British standards that are of general interest to NDT personnel, for example radiation safety requirements, radiation shielding data and so on. Some British standards are identical to ISO standards.

British standards are regularly reviewed and updated. New standards concerned with NDT are in preparation.

Most British standards have now been replaced or partly replaced by CEN standards. This is an ongoing process, as draft EN standards are finalised.
 Some provisional CEN standards have different titles to existing BS standards, but when finalised will still replace British standards in whole or in part.

When a CEN standard becomes a British standard it is marked BS EN-.

ISO standards are used worldwide but are not mandatory in the UK. Many are very similar or identical to EN standards.

ISO has taken over the revision of some CEN standards and has sometimes issued similar or identical standards under an ISO number. If these are not also marked EN they are not mandatory in the UK.

Some of the standards listed are under review and may be revised in due course. These are indicated with an asterisk, thus *. 

 Standards and BINDT
Updates to standards related to NDT and CM are published on a monthly basis in NDT News. To view the latest standards review, click here.

Click here, or use the links to the left, to view a comprehensive listing of international and European standards in the fields of NDT and CM.
 The British Institute of NDT (BINDT) shares the common view that standards should be prepared by those who will use them. It is essential that organisations are aware of the standards applicable to their business and keep up-to-date with their status, new versions and updates, as well as the development and introduction of new standards in the field of interest.

 Standards Working Group
At a recent Standards Working Group meeting there was a request for industry in general to be contacted to try to generate more interest in the group. To find out more about the Standards Working Group, click here.
 If you have any interest in the content of standards and can spare some time to help with the review of existing standards and the generation of new ones, contact John Moody, email:

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