Insight Volume 63 No 4

April 2021 

Comment, by Dr R Freemantle

NEWSDESK: Brookes Bell opens new metallurgy, fuel testing and 
non-destructive testing laboratory


Ultrasound SAFT imaging for HSR ballastless track using the multi-layer 
sound velocity model,

by Wen-Fa Zhu, Guo-Peng Fan, Xiang-Zhen Meng, Yao Cheng, 
Hai-Yan Zhang, Li-Ming Li, Wei Shao, Xing-Jie Chen and Han-Fei Zhang

Comparison and optimisation of fast array-based ultrasound testing,

by K Prashar, M Weston and B Drinkwater

Ultrasonic feature imaging of a multi-layered structure beyond a thin, 
highly reflective layer using a convolutional neural network,

by Chuanyu Lu, Minghui Lu, Yiting Chen and Yongdong Pan

Simultaneous determination of layer thicknesses in graded layer materials 
by ultrasonic non-destructive method,

by Chengcheng Zhang, Xiaoyu Yang, Guoqiang Luo, Qiang Shen and 
Jian Zhang

Three-dimensional reconstruction of a shaft-type deep-small hole with 
variable aperture based on image processing for ultrasound detection,

by Zheng Gangfeng, Wu Bolin, Li Ze, Liu Songfeng, Dong Hao and 
Zhang Haotian


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