This month's Insight

February 2020 – Vol 62 No 2 

Comment, by Dr I Baillie

NEWS DESKTU Ilmenau and Fraunhofer IZFP develop intelligent sensor 
technology for processing big data; BAM and the University of Birmingham 
extend MoU and launch joint research centre

: Roger Lyon

SPECIAL FEATURE: Magnetic Methods

Magnetic particle inspection and EMF Directive 2013/35/EU,
by H Bibby and J Hinsley

Practical evaluation of velocity effects on the magnetic flux leakage technique 
for storage tank inspection,
by A L Pullen, P C Charlton, N R Pearson and N J Whitehead

Enhanced ACFM detection performance by multi-parameter synergy analysis,
by Junqi Gao, Lingsi Sun, Shuxiang Zhao and Ying Shen

Defect size estimation method for magnetic flux leakage signals using 
convolutional neural networks,
by Hong’an Wang and Guoming Chen

Evaluation of circumferential cracks in metal tubes based on a magnetic 
field response model of eddy current testing,
by Feng Jiang, Shulin Liu, Shaojie Xin and Hongli Zhang

Experimental study and application of magnetic bridge double-loop main flux 
detection method,

by Jie Tian, Pu-Fan Zhu, Yang-Yang Wang and Hong-Fei Guo


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