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Inspection Tech is a leading manufacturer of NDT equipment for the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas and many other industrial sectors. Some of the company's products are also deployed for the inline inspection of goods in the food and pharmaceutical industries for the automatic detection of foreign bodies and contaminants.
Inspection Tech's ML-3000™ automatic fluorescent particle inspection (FPI) machine vision system is the first of its kind in the world to extract low-level fluorescent signals from strong background light. This requires no darkroom, can inspect parts at speeds up to 100 times more quickly than a human inspector and has recently completed a two-year Gauge R&R trial with a large US aerospace castings company. Not only does this system extract signals from background light, it can accurately size indications to tolerances of less than 5 thousandths of an inch (125 microns) and keeps a permanent record of all inspections (pass or fail) for 100 percent QA audit.
The company's UVee™ range of inspection lamps is fully Rolls-Royce, Airbus and ASTM 30202 compliant and microprocessor-controlled to ensure absolute constancy of output over an unrivalled 27 hours of battery life. Inspection Tech's overhead Strip Light™ is said to have the lowest form-factor, weight and largest, most uniform illumination area compared to other models available on the market.
In the oil and gas industry and other sectors, the company supplies a unique solution for CUI mitigation: the iCON™ Intelligent Condition Monitoring System, the principle of operation of which relies on electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). iCON is a 24/7 CUI detection and monitoring system that can be easily retrofitted onto ageing assets without the need for removing insulation. iCON is currently deployed in non-oil-and-gas sectors, but is undergoing the final stages of ATEX Zone 0 certification and is intended for roll-out in a large gas terminal in the UK in 2022.
The intelligent platform that drives iCON  is also capable of interfacing with and driving existing third-party devices such as UT, PEC and flow meters etc, and has full MODBUS and HART®  compatibility. For example, it could be used to drive an existing UT wall thickness probe, previously installed for years prior in an existing location, and enable it to now be a wirelessly accessible 24/7 monitoring device. Moreover, Inspection Tech also supplies its own 866 MHz/ 2.4 GHz wireless mesh networking protocols that do not require expensive WirelessHART®  licence fees. The company also offers a secure, instantly accessible cloud-based data repository on the Microsoft Azure platform (as used by banks and blue-chip internationals).
Inspection Tech is continuously developing new technologies that rely as much on market pull as technological push and the company's improvements upon traditional techniques serve to greatly enhance the competitive positions of its customers.
The company's in-house expertise includes electronic design, mechanical design, development of software and firmware, embedded processing, product prototyping and manufacturing, centred on developing, from concept to product, inspection and measurement devices for industry. Inspection Tech also undertakes commissioned research to provide bespoke solutions for your NDT needs.

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