Johnson & Allen and the University of Sheffield cooperate on internationalisation challenge


Johnson & Allen has announced that it will be cooperating with Sheffield University Management School for a project on international business opportunities.

A talented group of MBA (Masters of Business Administration) students will be researching NDT export markets and looking for ways in which Johnson & Allen can achieve greater internationalisation. The findings will be presented to Johnson & Allen later this year by students at the university.

The MBA students visited Johnson & Allen in February of this year for a guided tour of the premises and received a short presentation from Simon Johnson on the company and its core products. The students have diverse backgrounds with a wide range of previous experience between them, including roles in marketing, pharmaceuticals, engineering and management.

To succeed in this project, the students will have to understand the global NDT industry, understand Johnson & Allen’s current capability to internationalise and take advantage of the company’s brand. From this, they will have to research relevant international opportunities in different NDT markets and present an internationalisation strategy, suggesting the most relevant modes of operation to enable the firm to further establish itself in the selected country’s markets.

The core aims of this project are to research the global NDT industry, find foreign markets for Johnson & Allen products or services, identify international intermediaries or partners, for example distributors or subcontractors, evaluate a country location for direct investment and explore alternative modes of operation for entry into specified markets, for example importing, exporting, licensing or direct investment.