BINDT announces organisational realignment


The British Institute of NDT (BINDT) has announced a realignment of its organisational structure.

The restructure is aimed at providing the necessary configuration and strategic management and leadership to enable the Institute to be in the optimum position to face the future with confidence.

The reorganisation follows a review of the BINDT Certification Services Department (CSD) that resulted in a report detailing the current position of the PCN certification scheme, its perception by the industry and the operations of the certification department. The report called for organisational change that addresses both structure and leadership and, in particular, highlighted the need for a technical engineering resource and improvements to systems and processes to deliver customer service enhancements.

The new structure will provide for a Technical and Industrial Department that will offer technical support and industrial experience to the Certification Services Department of the Institute in particular and also to the Institute as a whole. It will also allow certain functions to be streamlined, ensuring greater efficiencies.

The reorganisation will permit greater integration of PCN activities into the BINDT organisation, with strong technical and industrial leadership utilising the CEO's experience within BINDT and engineering in general. 

“Continuous improvement and implementing positive change to transform business activities are essential requirements for every organisation in today's climate. The changes announced are further steps towards seeking new ways to deliver BINDT's mission,” says David Gilbert, BINDT CEO.

For most staff, there will be no immediate impact on reporting relationships from these realignments. Some people will work within new teams and a few will be asked to take on new roles. It is important to note that these changes are not being driven by budget constraints: BINDT still plans to invest in developing new, improved work processes and systems.

The reorganisation, which was approved unanimously by the BINDT Council and will be introduced 1 January 2019, will involve some promotions and changes in the roles and titles of several senior personnel as follows:
  • John Moody will be appointed Senior Technical Engineer.
  • Cindy Bailey will continue in her role as Membership and Registration Manager but will also become PA to the CEO.
  • Corinne Mackle, currently Publishing, Media & Marketing Manager, will be appointed Head of Publishing, Media & Marketing.
  • Karen Cambridge, who currently manages the Conferences & Events team, will be appointed Head of Conferences & Events.
The new plan involves some realignment of personnel in other departments, with a view to providing support for important areas of development.

Following review and consultation, Cameron Sinclair, who was CEO of the Institute from 2011 to 2017 and who then took up the transitionary role of Business Support Executive, will be leaving the Institute on 12 March 2019.

Meanwhile, Nicole Banks, Head of the Certification Services Department, will be leaving BINDT to further her career elsewhere. Jennifer Cook will continue in her role as CSD Office Manager, assisted by Tracy Grant, and David Gilbert will provide overall strategic and management leadership.

“There is a relationship between organisational structure and culture. I believe the new structure will empower our valued staff to work together in a more collaborative manner to achieve even greater operational excellence,” concludes David Gilbert.