Yxlon International wins two global technology awards


Yxlon International, a company of the Swiss Tech Holding COMET Group, has announced that it has been awarded two prestigious Global Technology Awards in the categories of ‘Metrology’ and ‘Inspection – X-ray’ for its Cheetah EVO PLUS X-ray inspection system and FF35 CT metrology system. The awards were presented to the company during a ceremony that took place during SMTA International.

The Cheetah EVO range of X-ray inspection solutions was created to achieve a simple goal: the very best image in the shortest time, in each of the market sectors. The Cheetah EVO system harnesses the combined power of several Yxlon innovations: FeinFocus X-ray tube technology; high-power target technology; a finely calibrated, long-life flat-panel detector; easy-to-use software; and a state-of-the-art manipulation system.

The system can generate images in extremely high resolution, easily overcoming the unique challenges of the laboratory.

By using slicing technology (Micro3DSlice), the non-destructive inspection of larger areas is possible and substantial cost savings can be achieved, as samples are no longer destroyed by traditional CT or micro-sectioning. Even better, these slice-by-slice images can be analysed automatically, as easily and quickly as a 2D image showing voiding at interfaces perfectly clearly, the key to reliability and failure analysis.

In addition to imaging excellence, the Cheetah EVO range offers simple, user-friendly controls and intuitive FeinFocus graphical user interface (FGUI) software, not to mention the myriad of benefits of comprehensive automation. One-click solutions make manual inspection effortless and live SMART filters ensure perfect images.

The FF35 CT metrology system is also a market-leading X-ray solution that provides measurement to another level, providing precise non-destructive measurements of inner structures with increased complexity via an optimised imaging chain. Each Yxlon FF35 CT metrology system offers temperature control and compensation, a stable focal spot due to water cooling and accurate sample positioning due to Heidenhain encoders, all of which give the operator unprecedented levels of measurement accuracy and repeatability.

The Yxlon FF35 CT metrology system enables actual to nominal comparison of very small features and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T). The system is also able to make unstitched images of large assemblies, including tablets, which can then be viewed at the sub-micron level.