Portable vibration meter


An upgraded version of its successful portable vibration meter with a bright, easily readable display has been introduced by Monitran. When connected to a constant current-type accelerometer, the compact MTN/VM330D stores up to 100 time-stamped readings, which can be transferred to a PC using the USB cable supplied.

An invaluable troubleshooting tool, the high-performance unit displays an instant readout of root mean square (RMS), peak, peak-peak, crest factor and bearing condition and provides a colour-coded indication of machine status.

Conforming to ISO 10816-3, it has a large colour liquid crystal display (LCD) and a rugged protective rubber case. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery comes with a worldwide charger and delivers a battery life of over 20 h. Other features include a switchable low-pass filter and an audio output for listening to the vibration directly.

The MTN/VM330D is suitable for monitoring the performance of a wide range of machinery, including engines, gearboxes, motors, turbines and pumps. It is supplied with Monitran’s MTN/2200 general-purpose accelerometer as standard, with other types available on request.

“This simple vibration meter gives you the ability to measure vibration at any point on a machine and is often all you need to confirm that your machinery is working within manufacturing specifications. We recommend it should be in every engineer’s tool kit,” said Andy Anthony, Managing Director of Monitran.

Customers who already have Monitran’s MTN/VM220 vibration meter can return it and take advantage of an introductory upgrade offer.