Weld and SCC inspection


The MagnaFORM™ scanner is a fast and reliable way to reduce the turnaround time of weld and stress corrosion cracking (SCC) inspections.

While conventional weld and SCC methods require painted surfaces to be stripped before inspection, the MagnaFORM eddy current array (ECA) solution enables users to inspect through paint, saving time and reducing costs. Designed to work on even the roughest welds and corroded areas, the dynamic lift-off compensation helps ensure the probe remains sensitive to surface-breaking defects.

Available for manual or semi-automated scanning, the MagnaFORM scanner enables users to inspect a weld in a single pass, helping reduce inspection time. With the MagnaFORM scanner, inspectors can cover the entire weld surface, including the heat-affected zones, in a single pass for an efficient inspection.

While some conventional inspection methods, such as penetrant testing, require inspectors to wait for the test to develop, the MagnaFORM ECA solution provides real-time C-scan images so inspections can be completed more quickly. Inspectors can also easily evaluate the depth of surface-breaking defects using an intuitive software interface. The data and images can be stored simply by pressing a key.

Both linear and transverse indications are detected in the heat-affected zones, the toe, the crown and the crevices for faster inspections.

All channels perform real-time lift-off compensation to maintain equal sensitivity.

Easy-to-use eddy current array software makes it simple to save data and evaluate the depth of surface-breaking defects using colourful and intuitive C-scan images.

With the MagnaFORM scanner, inspectors can characterise SCC, even in heavily corroded areas.
Manual or motorised scanners are available to simplify inspection and help ensure proper coverage.