Entry-level bench-top thermal testing


The A35sc Benchtop Test Kit from FLIR Systems has been designed for engineers and scientists who want to know exactly where to make thermal measurements and trust their findings every time.

Unlike thermocouples or spot pyrometers, the A35sc allows the engineer to measure thousands of temperature points across a target and obtain reliable data in seconds. Together with its lens choices and advanced analysis software, the A35sc kit is said to be the most dependable temperature measurement solution for industrial and research and development (R&D) laboratories.

Thermal imaging cameras can be used for a wide variety of R&D applications. Visualising temperatures from −40°C to +550°C, with temperature differences as small as 50 mK, the affordable, modular A35sc Benchtop Test Kit brings the advantages of research-grade thermal imaging within the reach of almost every industrial scientist and R&D engineer.

Supporting true 14-bit, 320 × 240 data streaming over Ethernet at rates as high as 60 Hz, data transfer with the A35sc is very fast. As the A35sc kit is designed to be GigE Vision and GenICam compliant, set-up is streamlined and easy integration with third-party software is supported.

The A35sc Benchtop Test Kit works seamlessly with FLIR ResearchIR Max software or MathWorks® MATLAB, to provide intuitive viewing and recording and advanced processing power.