Composite inspection system added to rental fleet


Ashtead Technology has been appointed by JR Technology as its Preferred Rental Partner for the DolphiCam, an ultrasonic array inspection system for the detection of flaws in carbon composite materials. “This innovative technology is generating a high level of interest in the aircraft, defence and automotive industries,” said Steve Drake, Ashtead’s NDT Market Manager. “Connected to a PC, tablet or laptop via a USB port, the DolphiCam creates a high-resolution colour image of a defect in a matter of seconds, providing a variable-angle 3D representation of the inspection area. The DolphiCam system already has Boeing’s approval for use on the 787 Dreamliner and is therefore a valuable addition to our fleet of rental equipment.”

The DolphiCam instruments are designed to inspect composites up to 16 mm-thick and a silicone-based transducer enables dry-coupling on painted or shiny surfaces. It can also be used with water or contact gel for improved coupling on rougher surfaces. The DolphiCam software creates high-quality A-, B- and C-scan images and user-adjustable settings ensure that material defects are easily identified.

Manufactured in Norway and distributed in the UK by JR Technology, the DolphiCam is said to be the ideal instrument for quick and easy non-destructive testing and inspection of composites, including carbon fibre. “Many of our customers have either an infrequent requirement for composite inspection or they need to evaluate the technology before it can be written in to their procedures,” said JR Technology’s Technical Director Paul Rogger. “So, the facility to rent the DolphiCam is a major advantage and we are very pleased to announce this rental agreement with Ashtead Technology.”

Serving the subsea and onshore environmental monitoring and inspection sectors, Ashtead Technology provides global reach and local service from its facilities in Aberdeen, London, Houston and Singapore and via agents in Abu Dhabi, Perth and Stavanger.