Success for BINDT three-day aerospace experience


On 12 April 2016, the BINDT Aerospace Committee held its biennial one-day workshop at the BAWA Centre in Filton, Bristol, which this year focused on emerging technologies for aerospace and attracted over 30 attendees. The workshop looked at the emerging technologies in the NDT world that, it is hoped, will help NDT practitioners in their daily jobs. In particular, the workshop focused on the structural health monitoring (SHM) aspect of the NDT practitioners’ responsibilities and looked at how conventional and new NDT techniques and technology can be used to monitor the health of a particular aspect of a structure during flight.

Kevin Pickup, Chair of the BINDT Aerospace Committee, said: “Once again, the aerospace workshop proved to be a big success. The ‘real world’ aspect of this event really attracts the doers of NDT, that is, we try not to have presentations simply full of formula and theory. This year’s practical demonstrations were also a big hit and I thank the demonstrators for putting themselves in the spotlight and at the mercy of temperamental technology, where all manner of things could have gone wrong, but fotunately nothing did.”

The day was rounded off with an impressive tour of GKN’s composite spar manufacturing plant at Western Approach, a real eye-opener for most of the workshop attendees.

“Thanks again to all who presented as, without people volunteering, we wouldn’t be able to organise these days,” Kevin concluded.

The following two days saw the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing’s West of England Branch hold its biennial Aerospace Event (formerly the Aerospace Symposium), the only event in the UK dedicated solely to NDT in aerospace.

The event combined reports from all sectors of aerospace, with sessions covering a range of topics, including the state of the industry, NDT of new materials and research for the long-term future. There were also spotlight sessions, with updates on the IntACom project, composite NDT qualifications and the MTC NDT project.

An aerospace exhibition ran alongside the event, showcasing the latest products, innovations and technology available to the industry today, which was host to 36 exhibitors, including the event sponsors Baugh & Weedon and GB Inspection Systems UK Ltd.

Dave Clark, Chair of the BINDT West of England Branch, said: “This Aerospace Event was the latest in a line of successful events held at the BAWA Centre. The delegates were given a glimpse into existing technologies as well as new ones and were able to see much of the technology on display at the one-day exhibition. These types of event not only help experienced practitioners but industry beginners as well; long may they continue!”

All of the above made for an exciting aerospace experience, welcoming over 280 attendees across the three days.

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