Automated data analysis software


Zetec Inc, a global leader in non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions, has introduced RevospECT® HX Pro, a commercially available automated inspection analysis software for heat exchangers in the power generation, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industries.

RevospECT HX Pro is software that automatically retrieves and analyses eddy current data from heat exchanger tube inspections as it is being acquired, eliminating the inefficiencies and inconsistencies that can arise from legacy analysis methods. RevospECT HX Pro ensures that analysts can confidently classify all flaw indication types and helps return heat exchangers to service faster than manual inspection processes. It can also help to reduce unplanned shutdowns by easily detecting and identifying small changes that occur over the lifetime of a tube, which are often missed in a manual process.

“Manually analysing heat exchanger tube inspection data is a labour-intensive job that is dependent on the skill and experience of each individual analyst,” said Kevin Newell, Manager, RevospECT Group, Zetec. “RevospECT HX Pro delivers consistent automated analysis and eliminates repetitive, mundane tasks so analysts can focus on what they do best: finding and evaluating signals of interest.”

As a field-proven commercially available software package, RevospECT HX Pro provides upfront analysis parameter configuration, which can help eliminate performance variability and subjectivity. Its intuitive interface is easy to use and requires minimal training. The software can be implemented with little or no change to current inspection procedures and works with most existing set-ups. Best of all, it can adapt as inspection needs grow or change. “No matter how common or complex the heat exchanger inspections are, RevospECT HX Pro software can confidently meet operational and process requirements both today and in the future,” stated Kevin.

RevospECT HX Pro is part of a set of advanced integrated technologies that Zetec offers for heat exchanger asset owners, maintenance managers and NDT inspectors, including industry-leading instruments, scanners, probes and software.