New ultrasonic refurbishment service launched by Sercal


In April 2019, Sercal NDT launched a new section on its website offering the refurbishment of legacy ultrasonic flaw detectors and ultrasonic thickness gauges.

Matt Day, Sercal’s Sales and Business Development Manager, commented: “We started with what we know best; Sercal has been a UKAS-accredited laboratory since 1987 and has been servicing the ultrasonic flaw detector and thickness gauge market ever since. One of Sercal’s many areas of expertise is fault-finding in equipment that is outside of manufacturer support. It is a service we have offered to our loyal base of customers for decades; now we feel it is a service we can extend to everyone across the industry.”

For some it is a preference, while for others the reasons are purely financial, but new equipment is not always an option. If equipment can be given a new lease of life, then it can still earn the customer money. Once a piece of inspection equipment falls outside of the manufacturer’s time period for support, it is often forgotten about and effectively has zero value.

Sercal is looking to change this by helping customers to extract as much value from their equipment as possible, whether through combining multiple defective sets into one working instrument, refurbishing equipment previously relegated to the back of the shelf or part-exchanging legacy equipment against new, if that is the intention. “Manufacturers tend not to take competitors’ equipment as a part exchange. When they do, the equipment is often disposed of. Sercal sees the value in the spare parts and with that in mind we are happy to consider part exchange from any manufacturer when purchasing from an alternative manufacturer. If the parts are in demand, then we will endeavour to extract that value and help the customer where possible.”

Each refurbished set will be provided with a fresh UKAS-accredited calibration certificate for peace of mind and a bespoke quotation will be provided for each type of equipment sent in for inspection.

“Refurbishing equipment can be a viable way to reduce costs. We want to help our customers where we can and will always provide an honest appraisal of the equipment,” added Dennis Bell, Sercal’s Service Manager.

The refurbishment service is the most recent addition to the services offered by Sercal. In October 2018, Sercal launched its UKAS-accredited calibration of ultrasonic testing (UT) blocks. Prior to that, equipment rental and sales were introduced through the support of Sercal’s parent company, Oceanscan. Sercal is well placed to offer support to customers and the NDT market across a broad range of NDT methods.