Virtual mock-up for NDE inspectors evolves


Following the commercial release in September 2019 of this brand new product, TraiNDE UT keeps evolving and a new version is already available. TraiNDE UT v1.1 improves the user experience, especially in the management of the tactile interactivity on the virtual mock-up screen.

TraiNDE UT is a virtual tool associated with a signal database that simulates real inspection conditions for numerous applications (Type A/V1 block, DAC block, welds and plates).

This NDT educational tool, developed in Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, is aimed at training centres, universities and companies with internal training and certification needs.

TraiNDE UT is delivered with 11 virtual components (six plates, three welds and two educational blocks), plus their calibration blocks (V1 and DAC) packaged in exercises, which can be customised.

Extensive work has been performed to improve the probe detection with the touchscreen. TraiNDE UT now manages the probe contact independently from hand touches on the screen; while scanning the probe, the signal display remains really fluid, ‘living’ and realistic.

The new version also makes it possible to use any feature while scanning the probe: using marking tools no longer requires holding the probe off of the virtual mock-up.

There is no more questioning if a probe is properly detected thanks to the ‘halo’ displayed: users can track and check the probe’s position and motion on the virtual mock-up. Furthermore, the probe is now tracked anywhere on the mock-up screen.

A new feature has been added in TraiNDE 1.1 in order to mark indications by creating multi-lines on the virtual mock-up while scanning the probe and checking the signals. Once complete, it can be compared to the actual defect profile (in red) by displaying the ‘defect'.

For greater flexibility with the mock-up display, it is now possible to switch between full-screen and window modes. The screen on which the mock-up is displayed can also be set up.

Moving the component when it is larger than the screen becomes more intuitive. It is also now easier to scroll and select the different exercises from the whole list of applications or to exit from one of them.

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