Guided Ultrasonics Ltd expands into the USA


In May 2019, Guided Ultrasonics Ltd (GUL) acquired office facilities in Houston, Texas, USA, in order to better support its clients and partners within North America.

Initially, the office will be used for training and support services, with future plans for expansion and development.

Dr David Alleyne, CEO of GUL, commented: “This new base will further enable us to build closer relationships and strengthen our commitment to our new and existing clients.”

GUL is a global leader in the development and delivery of innovative, visionary and essential technologies and services that serve its client base, primarily through the use of guided wave testing (GWT) technologies for the inspection and monitoring of pipes, plates, structures and systems.

This facility will allow GUL to better support its North American customer base.

GUL ran its first in-house QSR1 course during the week that commenced 13 May. This course was a success and further courses are planned for the future.