Ultrasound imaging machine


Eddyfi® Technologies has released Panther, which it claims is the ultimate ultrasound imaging machine. Panther comes  with  M2M’s  state-of-the­-art phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) and total focusing method  (TFM) capabilities.

Panther is a piece of phased array equipment designed for both desktop and industrial applications, offering unparalleled performance in a compact unit. It combines the speed required for industrial integrated PAUT solutions with the most complete set of TFM imaging techniques, making it the ‘ultimate’ tool for research and development (R&D) and procedure qualification.

This first release of the Panther targets laboratories and R&D groups, thanks to its super high-resolution imaging, with 1,500,000+ pixels in real time and a data throughput greater than 320 MB/s. Combined with its operating software Acquire, Panther is said to be the fastest and most versatile PAUT/TFM solution on the market.

Soon, Panther will offer high-speed inspection modes, targeting integrators for advanced industrial NDT inspections. Taking advantage of its parallel and stackable architecture (up to 16 units of 128 channels each), Panther will meet the speed and resolution requirements of the most demanding applications.

“Panther is the result of over 15 years’ experience gained in both laboratories and in-line inspection business by our experts. It aims at meeting our customers’ highest expectations and needs. The recent rise of graphics processing unit (GPU) computing power in a compact, industrial and affordable format allowed us to provide a very flexible solution for both laboratories and industry,” said Laurent Le Ber, Eddyfi Technologies’ Product Manager for Panther.

Panther is compact and scalable from 32:128 to 2048:2048 channels. The CIVA-based Acquire operating software, and its extensive Software Developer’s Kit (SDK), allows  for  fast,  advanced  and  customised  configurations. Acquire inspection data files are fully compatible with ENLIGHT, CIVA and ULTIS analysis software.