Miniature ICP teardrop accelerometer


PCB Piezotronics Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of MTS Systems Corporation, has released its smallest ICP teardrop accelerometer with a transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS), Model 352A59. This single-axis accelerometer was developed to minimise the effects of mass loading on small devices with an integral M3 connector and removable cable that can be easily routed within devices. The adhesive mounting and TEDS contribute to a quick, error-proof set-up.

Model 352A59 provides outstanding results during vibration testing of small structures, primarily because of its low 0.9 g mass and sensitivity of 10 mV/g (1.0 mV/m/s2) over a frequency range from 1 kHz to 10 kHz (±5%). The rugged, titanium housing enables Model 352A59 to operate in a range of ±500 g (±4900 m/s² pk) with shock limits up to ±10,000 g pk (±98,000 m/s2 pk).

Suggested applications include satellite and aircraft structures, military and consumer electronics and general product validation.