SmartCBM IIoT condition-based maintenance


Allied Reliability has announced the introduction of SmartCBM, its breakthrough Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) condition-based maintenance solution.

SmartCBM combines IIoT architecture with Allied’s expertise in reliability engineering and data analytics to monitor asset health in real time, enabling proactive decisions to be made that deliver increased uptime and improved productivity.

“Allied Reliability’s proprietary Failure Mode Library makes SmartCBM unique,” said Jay Burnette, President and CEO of Allied Reliability. “Nearly every component part found in any equipment asset, system or plant is represented in our Failure Mode Library. We built this database by analysing over 3,000,000 components at more than 1500 facilities during a 20-year period. SmartCBM leverages this dataset to deliver early diagnosis of defects, identify the root cause of failures and prescribe corrective actions.”

SmartCBM offers flexible configuration options for data collection, data analysis, visualisation and expert support. SmartCBM optionally integrates with the PTC ThingWorx platform for a complete IIoT solution, enabling the visualisation of condition and process data.