Technology Design at NACE 2015


The NACE 2015 exhibition in Dallas, Texas, ushered in a new era in product exposure for the Nova Instruments group of companies. For the first time, three of the group’s companies exhibited their products from a combined area, which spotlighted brand identity while at the same time highlighting the breadth of inspection technologies that the group offers.

The combination of Technology Design, Phoenix ISL and NDT Systems in a 30 m2 strip allowed brand representatives to convey the virtues of individual products and, at the same time, provided delegates with the convenience of exploring how the different technologies may be combined into hybrid systems or could complement each other. Visitors had immediate access to a wide spectrum of simple hand-held numeric data gathering and more complex miniature imaging instruments, to highly sophisticated and advanced computerised data acquisition and analysis systems and scanning devices to satisfy all budgets. The convenience of servicing virtually every aspect of a customer’s ultrasonics requirement with the companies’ tried and tested high-profile brands ensured a steady stream of interested visitors. One business owner said: “The range (of products) is pretty impressive and will meet my company’s immediate rapid expansion requirements, while the prices definitely make Nova a strong contender as an alternative supplier to our existing equipment.”

NACE is a highly influential industry organisation with an equally influential membership and its events attract the best in the industry. The high level of interest from delegates at the Dallas event has given the company a renewed impetus to go above and beyond with creativity and drive in product development, supply and customer support for an exciting future.