VisiConsult develops free NDT X-ray app with extensive features


VisiConsult has developed a free smartphone app ‘NDT X-ray Toolbox’, which is designed to make the daily work of NDT technicians and X-ray users easier.

NDT X-ray Toolbox is a free smartphone app developed by X-ray technology users for X-ray technology users. It offers many useful features designed to make the handling of demanding quality standards easier. Complicated formulae and calculations are solved within a few seconds. This covers most of the tasks that NDT technicians need to perform on a regular basis. It includes geometric calculations, optimal magnification, image unsharpness, required number of CT projections, voxel size, penetration calculator and much more. There is also an extensive portfolio of converters, such as an international unit converter or an IQI converter. The X-ray standard glossary lists all ASTM/ISO standards and explains them, as well as common formulae and terminologies. In addition, new features are added constantly. The app is available for iOS and Android free of charge.

The most important features in brief are:
  • International unit converter including distance, time, weight and much more
  • Easy calculation of optimal magnification, intensity or image blur
  • Calculation of required projections, penetration, geometry, etc.
  • Comprehensive overview of all X-ray standards (ASTM and ISO)
  • Overview and converter for many different image quality indicators
  • Overview and explanation of common formulae and terms.

The family business VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH is a leading company in the field of industrial materials testing and delivers its innovative X-ray systems all over the world. It also offers custom NDT solutions for the aerospace and automotive industries and is a leader in public safety X-ray equipment.