Euroteck Systems offers X-ray film digitisation equipment


Euroteck Systems UK has been appointed the UK reseller for Vidar NDT Pro ‘AcuScreen Edition’ X-ray film digitisers.

The NDT Pro scanner can accept films in the range of optical densities of 0.5 D to 4.5 D, based on ISO 14096. The scanner features Vidar’s renowned high-definition CCD (HD-CCD™) solid-state technology, as well as its unique automatic digitiser calibration (ADC) mechanism. The latter makes certain there is virtually no variation in image quality and ensures excellent greyscale reproduction in every image. 

Film sizes from 60-355 mm wide and unlimited length can be accommodated. The film loading tray allows up to 25 films to be loaded, of mixed sizes. The scanner bit depth can be either 8, 12 or 16 bit. In conjunction with the AcuScreen NDT software, the user has an intuitive and productive user interface and the system is fully DICONDE compliant. Images can also be imported/exported to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF or BMP file formats. The tools you would expect to see on any CR/DR software viewing system are replicated, such as B/C adjustments, zoom, pan, flip/rotate and measurement.

Ian Winstanley, Sales Director at Euroteck Systems UK, said: “We are proud to be able to add the Vidar NDT Pro AcuScreen Edition scanner to our increasing product portfolio. The NDT Pro scanner coupled with the AcuScreen NDT software and multi-strip film feeder provides a powerful but user-friendly and cost-effective method of digitising X-ray films. Companies looking to transition from traditional X-ray film to digital, and those companies who have already embraced digital radiography but have archives of X-ray film that are required to be kept for a number of years for contractual purposes, will be interested in this product. Once scanned, the digitised images are saved in file formats compatible with their DR system. The X-ray film can then be disposed of and the silver reclaimed, the value of which offsets the cost of the scanner.”

Joaquin Gonzalez Fernandez, European Sales Manager at PACSESS NDT, said: “We are delighted to be working with Euroteck Systems. We were particularly happy to support Euroteck at the NDT 2014 exhibition in Manchester recently, and the exhibition generated some positive leads. With scanners recently sold to Boeing, Transneft, SGS, Fuji NDT and Carestream NDT, we are excited by the potential that the UK has to offer.”