Phoenix develops new flexible track scanner


Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited has developed a new solution for the inspection of welds on large-diameter cylinders; the Flexible Track Scanner (FTS) inspects linear and circumferential welding lines.

Lightweight in design, the FTS can be operated by a single inspector, using pneumatic suction cups to position the guide track on the curved or straight surface of the component. It is securely fixed in place using a foot-operated vacuum valve switchbox.

Two interlocking sections of track enable continuous inspection through successive alternation along the full weld extent.

A carriage assembly slides onto the track and can be locked into position, allowing the operator to leave the scanner in a given position without risk of falling. The carriage can be easily rotated to relocate the probe on the other side of the weld, with the track remaining fixed in position.

The FTS can be adapted for other applications and for operation with any industry flaw detection system.