Thermal imaging improves company’s competitiveness and performance


The FLIR T640 thermal imaging camera and FLIR Test & Measurement Tools, in combination with METERLiNK® technology, have proven to be invaluable tools for an Italian consultant service.

Thermal imaging can be decisive in many fields and, as Corrado Ciuti, the owner of the professional practice Termogramma, says, its application is only limited by the imagination. The level of technology available also makes the difference: to provide consultancy services and inspections with the utmost authority, Termogramma relies on a full range of feature-rich tools. From the FLIR T640 thermal imaging camera to high-tech clamp meters and moisture meters, the tools Ciuti employs are compatible with FLIR Tools+ software so he can provide services of the highest quality.

It is simplistic to use thermal imaging only to confirm that a problem exists. Indeed, it is a predictive technique that helps prevent problems from arising and remedy their consequences before they occur, thus saving time and money. It is no coincidence that Corrado Ciuti, trading as Termogramma, is increasingly offering consultancy services that provide thermal measurements as a proactive measure. Based in Monterubbiano, near Fermo, Termogramma is an EN ISO 9712 certified company and has been performing inspections for civil, electrical, mechanical and industrial customers since 2012. Corrado Ciuti is a demanding professional who finds FLIR’s solutions to offer the best balance between the abundance of features and actual product performance.

Termogramma’s customers operate in several fields, including construction. “The inspections I am asked to perform are commissioned by private individuals and professional firms who need immediate answers to problems that affect housing units or residential complexes,” explained Ciuti.

“Using the thermal imaging tools I have, I can identify the source of water leaks, pinpoint problems in the thermal insulation systems or threats to the safety of the buildings. I collaborate with architects and engineers also by carrying out inspections for legal disputes,” he said.

Photovoltaics is a rapidly growing field for Termogramma. “My services are requested both to comply with statutory certification requirements and to assess existing installations,” added Ciuti. Thanks to the thermal imaging cameras, he can check the panels and other components for defects and malfunctions, starting with transformers and disconnectors.

Ciuti’s profession is supported by FLIR’s thermal imaging solutions. “I started out in my profession with a FLIR E6 thermal imaging camera and as my working complexity increased, I added the FLIR T640 model, which is currently the spearhead of my equipment range,” explained Ciuti. The FLIR T640 is equipped with METERLiNK,® technology, which allows Ciuti to append inspection data to thermal images or send it directly to the FLIR Tools app on a mobile device. With this added technology, Termogramma can further specialise in predictive analysis in the electrical and photovoltaic fields to support requests for tax benefits.

The data collected using the FLIR CM85 clamp meter and the FLIR MR77 moisture meter can be sent directly to the camera via the METERLiNK Bluetooth connection, eliminating the risk of human error and saving valuable time. “With the same equipment in buildings and homes, we can measure humidity and temperatures so as to block the source and spread of mould and condensation,” said Ciuti. Choosing the FLIR T640, Termogramma achieved a higher level of thermal imaging investigation and unparalleled advantages. “The T640 combines high resolution with high sensitivity, factors that make a difference in my work,” he said.

In addition to these services, the company is also equipped with a range of accessories and features that also help to improve Termogramma’s work during particularly complex investigations.

Features such as the touch-screen or the possibility of adding information and voice annotations raise the FLIR T640’s efficiency to the highest level. “It takes a lot of time to carry out checks and take notes during measurements,” Ciuti explained. “Having such an efficient machine that integrates several functions into a single device amounts to a real quality leap.”

To complete its instrumentation, Termogramma has chosen to upgrade to the ‘plus’ version of FLIR Tools, the software that provides thermal imaging professionals with a complete set of controls, all in an effective platform that can generate highly detailed reports on the work performed.

While the standard version can be downloaded from the website, FLIR Tools+ adds value to FLIR products with presets and templates to produce the documentation required. Ciuti explained: “FLIR Tools+ interfaces with the Microsoft Office suite, to enrich and accompany reports. The ‘plus’ version also makes it possible to create dynamic radiometric videos and, with its panorama functionality, can show a single scan of large surfaces such as the façade of a building, which is a very useful feature in the construction industry.”

Termogramma confirmed its professionalism by achieving second-level UNI EN ISO 9712 certification, after Ciuti attended a course offered by the Infrared Training Centre (ITC). As the infrared training arm of FLIR Systems, the ITC provides practitioners with the qualification required by European regulations and needed to offer services in this field.

Through ITC, FLIR offers one- and two-day introductory courses or first-, second- and third-level certification courses. “The ITC training course enabled me to certify my professional background to do my job better,” Ciuti concluded. “Thanks to the training offered by FLIR and the collaboration of Roberto Rinaldi, the Italian coordinator of the ITC courses, I was able to enhance my knowledge of thermal imaging and of all the best practices to make the best use of FLIR’s solutions.”