Zetec to expand NDT product development engineering team


Zetec, a global leader in non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions for critical inspections in a wide range of industrial markets, has announced that it will expand the workforce at its engineering and research centre of excellence in Québec City to support new product development for the company’s eddy current technology business.

“Québec City is a hotspot for advanced NDT science and technology,” said Wayne Wilkinson, President of Zetec. “Expanding our product development operations in one of the world’s leading areas for eddy current engineering talent will allow us to respond to customers’ needs more effectively and launch innovative, ‘must-have’ products to grow our position as a leader in inspection solutions.”

Zetec has had a presence in Québec City since 2004, when it acquired the power generation NDT business of R/D Tech and ultimately formed its ultrasonic technology (UT) business. Over the past 15 years, Zetec’s ultrasonic engineering and product development team in Québec City has been responsible for several industry ‘firsts’, including the TOPAZ family of fully integrated, portable phased array UT devices, DYNARAY ultra-performance phased array UT instruments for advanced data processing and analysis and the UltraVision software platform for managing signal acquisition, imaging and data analysis.

The result of this expansion means that all of Zetec’s new product development activities will occur at one facility, ultimately managed by Frédéric Morrow, Director of Engineering, Zetec Canada.

“Having both eddy current and ultrasonic product development engineering at our Québec City facility will enable a more unified, consistent approach to managing the introduction of world-class inspection products and technologies,” said Frédéric Laprise, General Manager, Zetec Canada.

Zetec engineering, manufacturing and support for its current line-up of industry-leading eddy current tubing and array probes, as well as existing eddy current instruments and software platforms, will continue to be centred at the company’s headquarters in Snoqualmie, Washington, USA.

Zetec is a subsidiary of Roper Technologies Inc and maintains centres of excellence in Houston, Texas, USA, Paris, France, Seoul, South Korea, and Shanghai, PR China.