Zetec webinar focuses on bolt hole eddy current inspections for aerospace


Zetec Inc has published its latest on-demand webinar detailing a more effective approach to one of the most common and critical NDT applications in aerospace maintenance, repair and operations (MRO): inspections of bolt holes in multi-layer materials.

The 40-minute webinar will discuss and demonstrate how using high-resolution C-scans and dedicated analysis displays for rotating probe and eddy current array data can increase both eddy current inspection productivity and probability of detection.

“Rotating eddy current probes and traditional impedance and sweep displays lack the resolution to identify the individual layer where a defect resides. This can make it challenging to determine whether repairs are necessary,” said Nicholas Cardillo, Eddy Current Sales Engineering Director for Zetec. “This webinar will show how to use readily available eddy current technology to better recognise signals of interest, understand flaw morphology and identify layers where bolt hole flaws are located without the use of encoders or secondary manual measurement methods.”

The webinar features an introduction to eddy current inspections of bolt holes and the specific inspection challenges related to probability of detection (POD) in multi-layer materials, the principles and application of examination techniques, including those outlined in the US Federal Aviation Administration Airworthiness Directive 2020-24-05 for the wing spar inspections of certain Piper Aircraft and the canopy sill longeron failures on F-15 fighter jets, and a detailed look at examination results, including how C-scan displays, advanced filters and data-review mode can increase user performance, POD and confidence in eddy current inspections of bolt holes.

Zetec’s on-demand webinar is intended for inspection service providers, NDT technicians and aerospace MRO professionals. It is now available for viewing at: https://www.zetec.com/news/webinar-shows-how-to-increase-productivity-and-confidence-in-bolt-hole-eddy-current-inspections