Stephen Kidd and John Warner

19/02/2013 Old and new recognised at Branch event

GE Inspection Technologies attended the recent North East Scotland Branch seminar in Aberdeen and took the opportunity to welcome a new member to the area sales force and recognise the long service of another.

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18/02/2013 Changes to the approval of NDT personnel under the Pressure Equipment Directive PED (97/23/EC) as a result of the withdrawal of EN 473

The standard now being used for the central certification of NDT personnel is ISO 9712: 2012 (which is the newly issued 4th edition). In Europe, this document has been adopted as EN ISO 9712 and is the replacement standard for EN 473.

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15/02/2013 Withdrawal of EN 473 and update to certification standard EN ISO 9712: 2012

Certification according to EN 473: 2008 and/or ISO 9712: 2005, awarded before the publication of EN ISO 9712: 2012, remains valid until the next mandatory step in the certification process, ie renewal or recertification, which shall be carried out according to this international standard.

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NDT Reference App

14/02/2013 BINDT launches new NDT Reference app

The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) has introduced a new NDT Reference app to complement its recently-launched NDT News app.

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CorDEX Instruments' TC 7000 IS

13/02/2013 Maintec 2013 to host a world launch

CorDEX Instruments, the UK manufacturer of instrumentation and equipment for hazardous environments, is introducing a world first at Maintec 2013, which is to take place 5-7 March at the NEC in Birmingham.

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12/02/2013 ‘Great progress’ made in establishing Catapult network

The Technology Strategy Board has made great progress in establishing a network of world-leading technology and innovation centres – Catapults – its Chief Executive Iain Gray said in a talk at the House of Lords.

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11/02/2013 BINDT accreditation for FLIR infrared training

Thermal imaging is now an industry standard method for condition monitoring and preventive maintenance. Its efficiency and application flexibility has driven its take-up across all industrial sectors and, as a result, camera costs have fallen thanks to manufacturing economies. The technology is now eminently affordable and accessible to an expanding engineering community and the need for dedicated training has become an increasingly important and natural by-product.   

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Olmec-UK's automatic vision inspection system

08/02/2013 Piston inspection system prevents engine failures

An automatic vision inspection system to read the alphanumeric product identifiers cast into pistons has been developed by Olmec-UK Ltd for an automotive engine manufacturer. The pistons must be checked immediately prior to engine testing to ensure that the correct ones are used. Starting an engine with incorrect pistons fitted results in catastrophic failure, with the entire engine having to be scrapped.

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07/02/2013 Technology Design introduces online licence system

Technology Design has extended its existing product licence system by adding an online facility that allows remote licence activation across the internet by clicking a single button in the TD-Scan software.

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06/02/2013 Demand and growth rocket at ATH (NDT) Consultants

ATH (NDT) Consultants made huge developments throughout a busy 2012 and these have seen the demand and growth of the business rocket, leading to the company recruiting two more full-time NDT employees to cope with its on-going and increasing workload.

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Ashtead Technology

05/02/2013 Inspection engineers benefit from inside information

Ashtead Technology has experienced a surge in demand for hired video borescopes from the aircraft sector and Branch Manager Alan Hasson believes this is happening for three reasons: “There is a growing demand for borescopes because they enable inspection without the cost and delay of dismantling engines. Secondly, instrumentation technology has advanced considerably recently and we are now able to supply video borescopes that are very light and easy to use, but which provide extremely high-quality images. Thirdly, we stock a wide range of the latest inspection equipment from leading manufacturers such as Olympus IMS and GE, so that clients can rent the most appropriate equipment for each job.”

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John Moody

04/02/2013 BINDT welcomes John Moody to its team

The British Institute of NDT (BINDT) is pleased to report that John Moody has joined its team in the role of Technical Support Engineer. John is very well qualified and has extensive relevant experience. He is also very widely known in the industry and, therefore, he needs little introduction. The role, however, is new and readers might be interested to know more about it.

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01/02/2013 Hyperbaric trials unit supports MOD in testing new composite materials for UK submarine fleet

QinetiQ is supporting the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in testing new composite materials for the UK submarine fleet using its recently re-commissioned and refitted Hyperbaric Trials Unit (HTU).

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