Librestream and Olympus bring remote NDT/RVI experts into the field virtually


Librestream Technologies Inc, a leader in remote expert systems for enterprise, and Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas, a leading industrial inspection equipment manufacturer, have announced that Olympus is now offering Librestream’s Onsight platform to provide additional functionality to its product portfolio. Using Onsight, Olympus customers in industries including aerospace, manufacturing and oil & gas can share live visuals from remote visual inspection (RVI) and non-destructive testing (NDT) instruments with remote experts for rapid decision-making in the field.

“Onsight complements the capabilities of the Olympus Scientific Cloud to deliver a rich collaboration experience. The ability to instantly share visuals of the environment and from Olympus test instruments is important to our customers as they look for ways to leverage experts across their organisations,” stated Karen Smith, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Marketing, at Olympus. Karen continued: “Librestream has over a decade of experience in remote collaboration, especially in low-bandwidth environments, which are often where our customers operate.”

The Librestream solution includes Onsight Connect collaboration software and the Onsight 400R Collaboration Hub device to connect to Olympus videoscopes, ultrasound and other test instruments.

“Olympus is an innovator in the global scientific and imaging marketplace and we are pleased to be working with them on a valuable IoT solution,” said Kerry Thacher, President and CEO, Librestream. He added: “The Onsight platform complements the Olympus product capabilities by enabling remote collaboration across the Olympus RVI and NDT portfolio.”