TWI invests in cutting-edge NDT equipment


Further investment in cutting-edge non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment has enhanced TWI’s offering in advanced ultrasonic inspection. The recently acquired equipment includes two types of pulser-receiver with associated software and two automated inspection scanner configurations.

Procurement of two Zetec TOPAZ pulser-receivers and a Zetec DYNARAY pulser-receiver has enabled expansion of the NDT Group’s offering of advanced ultrasonics, including phased array inspection. The 64-channel TOPAZ instrument delivers portable phased array inspection in challenging materials and hazardous environments. The 256-channel DYNARAY unit enables inspection of thick-section materials, using multiple transducers or multi-channel transducers. Its comprehensive software enables 3D simulation of ultrasonic inspection of complex geometries and efficient inspection set-up and data analysis.

The newly purchased Motix and Navic scanners, both from JIREH Industries, increase TWI’s capability in fully automated weld inspection and corrosion mapping for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, over a wide range of component types and sizes. The NDT Inspection team undertook training and site application using the new scanners in the power generation and nuclear industries in 2023.

This equipment acquisition was part of an initiative known as the Advanced Engineering Materials Research Institute (AEMRI), which was funded by the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) using the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).