NDT company launches exclusive high-energy CT inspection service


Jesse Garant Metrology Center (USA and Canada) has launched its new high-energy industrial computed tomography (CT) scanning service. With this system, the company claims to be the only private laboratory in the world to provide this specialised inspection service. The new capability will transform the landscape for non-destructive testing (NDT) and support innovation within advanced manufacturing.

The system is said to be the first of its kind that pairs a 3 MeV cone-beam X-ray source with a large-format 2 k × 2 k flat-panel digital detector. It will be able to accommodate rapid inspection of mid-size parts, up to 44.5 inches in diameter by 63 inches in height. This will be advantageous for the internal inspection of engineered parts, plastics, composites, castings and 3D printed parts for a variety of industries, including aerospace, defence, automotive and oil & gas.

“It’s always been embedded in the vision of the company to provide trusted solutions that create meaningful advancements in industry. The new CT system is a huge leap forward for mid-size part validation and feasible high-volume part inspection,” said Jesse Garant, President.

The unique system offers multiple advantages for NDT, including a drastic reduction in inspection time for scanning mid-size parts and assemblies. While existing high-energy CT inspection services may take 4-16 h to complete scans, the new system is able to scan parts in less than an hour. The service will also be beneficial for the inspection of multi-material parts and assemblies, allowing for cleaner separation of internal components and inspection of higher-density materials not possible with lower-energy micro CT systems.

“We’re helping manufacturers qualify and validate parts for which this was either not possible because of limitations with existing technologies or not feasible because the service was too costly or took too much time,” added Jesse.

The company aims to fill the gap in current inspection technologies that limits the application of industrial CT technology due to part size and density. This will allow for internal inspection and dimensional validation of high-value parts that would otherwise go into production without proper inspection. The exclusive technology will provide accurate metrology data for precise 3D measurement of external and internal part geometries.

Calibrated to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable artefacts, the new machine will help manufacturers maintain the quality and consistency of pre-production and production parts requiring first article dimensional validation. The system will also support PPAP and AS9102 Form 3 reporting requirements specific to the automotive and aerospace industries, respectively.

The costly endeavour led by the company required a sizeable $4.5 million investment in technology, as well as three years of planning, design, development and construction, to reach full operation. The new system required sourcing from both local and international manufacturers, vendors and specialists, including the construction of the largest 1 m × 1 m flat-panel detector in the world.

With federal operational permits currently in place, the new system is now live. Jesse Garant Metrology Center is currently taking on orders from companies that wish to access this innovative technology during the system’s ramp-up period.