Any old thermal imaging camera buys 20 per cent discount


Thanks to the increasing affordability of the technology, thermal imaging is reaching a much wider audience than ever before. And as the camera users gain experience, they naturally become more discerning. They understand the importance and value of better image quality and dedicated features that allow inspection to be conducted more quickly and with greater efficiency.
To provide an attractive cash incentive for those wishing to upgrade, market leader FLIR Systems is repeating its trade-in programme that proved so popular last year. Regardless of the age or brand of the customer’s existing thermal imaging camera, FLIR Systems will trade it in for one of its selected models with a 20% discount against the list price. Additional accessories and software carry the same reduction.

The trade-in programme runs from 1 September 2011 to the close of the year.

This deal can amount to a cost saving of up to £5,642, but the gain is not restricted to the initial investment. Thanks to a wealth of new features, the latest generation models that have been selected for this programme are far more cost-effective in the long term as they allow quicker, added-value inspection.

More compact and lighter in weight, these models provide a higher resolution and greater image clarity. Not only are thermal anomalies easier to see but problems can also be spotted over a greater distance. For those operating in high-voltage environments, this is particularly important.

Also standard on all FLIR Systems models in this programme is the latest wireless technology, which allows radiometric images to be transferred to an iPhone or iPad and for data acquired on a similarly enabled Extech Clamp Meter to be automatically embedded in the thermal image.

Depending on the image resolution of the traded-in thermal imaging camera, the customer can choose from a range of FLIR Systems upgrades. Cameras with an array less than 240 x 180 pixels qualify for the band of models that extend from the FLIR E60 to the FLIR T425. If the trade-in model has a higher resolution, the choice is from the FLIR T435 to the high-end FLIR P- and T640 cameras with every feature for advanced thermal imaging and analysis.

All FLIR thermal imaging cameras in the trade-in programme carry a full two-year warranty on top of the 10-year guarantee for the uncooled microbolometer.