Yorkshire MP visits TWI in Rotherham


Member of Parliament for Rotherham, Sarah Champion, has visited TWI’s Rotherham facility to find out how advanced engineering technologies are being used to support local companies.

The MP visited the Yorkshire technology centre recently, where she was welcomed and shown around by TWI Associate Director Rob Scudamore, who oversees activities at the Rotherham base.

During the tour, Sarah was able to see two of TWI’s principal technologies in action: friction stir welding and laser additive manufacturing. She was also given a brief overview of TWI’s history of engineering innovation, covering the invention of friction stir welding, 50 years of laser technology development and its current focus on supporting industrial companies wishing to exploit additive manufacturing.

Sarah was particularly interested in the work of Rachel Sanderson, one of TWI’s STEM ambassadors.

Rachel highlighted TWI’s outreach programme with local schools, including its ever-popular ‘welding with chocolate’ activity, which uses chocolate bars to memorably demonstrate the strengthening effect of joining metals.

Sarah expressed that she was keen to see companies engage not only with pupils, but also with parents and teachers, to encourage more youngsters to take up engineering as a career choice.

Rob Scudamore said: “Our facility in Rotherham delivers world-class innovations to industry worldwide. Our work on friction stir welding has made the new generation of light, fast trains possible and is used in products ranging from Apple iMacs to spacecraft.

“TWI’s activities in metal additive manufacturing have, over many years, pushed the boundaries of what is thought possible and helped numerous industries adopt and use the technology to make real products.

“We are currently developing production-ready processes for clients in numerous sectors, including aerospace and medical, and are delighted to work with Sarah to continue to deliver innovation in Rotherham.”