Agile NDT supplies reporting software to AquaTerra Group


Agile NDT has started delivering on an agreement to supply bespoke reporting solutions to AquaTerra Group, a non-destructive testing (NDT) service provider based near Aberdeen, Scotland. The multi-use web tool, which has been built in collaboration with the service provider, allows AquaTerra personnel to create NDT report packages made up of multiple different sheets, which could include various NDT methods, continuation pages with images and condition monitoring pages.

Martin Longmuir, NDT Manager at AquaTerra Group, said: “AquaTerra was looking for a solution that would consolidate and centralise its NDT reporting to streamline the process and improve quality management as we expand our service offerings worldwide. At AquaTerra we are working with clients who require detailed and reliable NDT inspection services with an expectation of robust and consistent reporting. Early on in this process we identified the need to be able to rapidly produce concise reports to complete the scopes of work being undertaken. Moving our NDT reporting from the more traditional office-based format to an online digital platform was recognised as the most logical and effective means of achieving this.”

By using an online tool and centralising reporting, it is easier to maintain quality control and activities such as report numbering, versioning and revision history become easier to implement. Service providers can take back control of their reporting and take strides to improve quality management, which in turn leads to better quality reporting, more customer satisfaction and reduced report delivery times.

Agile NDT helps service providers modernise and enhance their NDT reporting with custom web-based solutions stored in the cloud. Kevin Bett, founder and CEO of Agile NDT, said: “We were excited to work with AquaTerra and start delivering on this project in particular, as the strategic goals outlined during initial conversations aligned well with what we believe are the key benefits of our NDT reporting tool. The core of our product is built upon personal experiences of report creation and management within NDT. We have made the product as intuitive as possible to streamline the report creation process from the technician’s perspective, while at the same time giving managers the tools to centralise core reporting processes and thereby improve control and quality.”

A core feature of the reporting software is that service providers such as AquaTerra can invite their customers to the tool, which gives them access to an online web application where they can get immediate inspection results and search for and browse historical reports categorised by site asset or project number.

Agile NDT has grown its customer base steadily since 2011 by providing a custom-tailored bespoke solution for each of its customers, focusing on speed, ease of use and intuitive interfaces, implementing software best practices with solid customer-centric technical support. Key features such as digital signatures, multiple languages, mobile and tablet support, image integration, QR code report validation and document versioning have allowed the company to be a leader in the industry for online NDT reporting solutions.