Trade and Industry Group report

from the meeting held 26 February 2015 

A meeting of the Trade and Industry Group took place in Northampton at BINDT headquarters on 26 February 2015. During a lively and well-attended meeting, the following topics were discussed:

  • The Institute has formed positive links with BSI and is active in the development of standards. The Group is asking the Institute’s Council to consider how it could speed up the standards process to the benefit of industry through strengthening links with government. The Group is also looking at ways in which it may improve the communication of developments and changes to Associate Members.
  • The Group discussed the importance of improving its regular correspondence with Associate members and how it could encourage better two-way communication. Setting up a specific LinkedIn group solely for use by Associate members was suggested as a possible solution and will be further considered.
  • BINDT’s marketing department is undertaking some new initiatives to increase footfall at all of its events and exhibitions, including targeted marketing to relevant businesses in the areas in which the events are taking place. Some success has already been achieved at the table-top exhibition in Manchester in 2014 and this is expected to continue at future events to the benefit of all exhibitors.
  • At this year’s MT2015 Exhibition, a second session will be running alongside the already popular free commercial presentations. This will feature less academic technical sessions aimed at practitioners and will attract CPD points.
  • A suggestion was made to enhance the appeal of our events by engaging the services of an interesting speaker to draw visitors; suggestions included the ‘Rocket Man’, Bloodhound team and an air crash investigator. These will be investigated further.
  • The Chairman has had some contact with UKTI with regard to creating ‘villages’ at larger exhibitions overseas and will be exploring the potential opportunities – more information will follow in due course.
  • The Group recognises the important links the Institute is forging with both BSI and the HSE and is actively encouraging their attendance, as presenters and exhibitors, at Materials Testing 2015.
  • The awarding of CPD points for attending Institute workshops was discussed and will be communicated more widely going forward.

As the Group develops, new objectives and the items discussed will vary each meeting. Should you wish to comment on any of the above, raise any issues or suggest topics for discussion by the Group, which serves to represent the views of and give a voice to the Associate Membership of BINDT, please email the committee at: