Trade and Industry Group report

from the meeting held 16 October 2014 

At the BINDT Annual Conference in Manchester in September 2014, the Trade and Industry Groups of the Institute, at their respective AGMs, agreed to merge and form the Trade and Industry Group. The purpose of this merger is to avoid duplication of effort and allow the new group to concentrate fully on its role within BINDT. John Hansen of ETher NDE was elected Chairman and Paul Fidgeon of Fidgeon was elected Vice Chairman. John Hansen reports…

New members needed

The new Trade and Industry Group represents the interests of the Associate Member companies of the Institute. New representatives from Associate Members would be welcomed to join the Group. The Group will hold four meetings a year in Northampton and have an AGM at the annual conference. Please contact Karen Hickman at the Institute (Email: for an invitation to the Group’s next meeting on the 19 February 2015, to be held at BINDT headquarters in Northampton.

To get a flavour of the activities of the Group, please read the meeting report below.

Meeting report
The first meeting of the new Group was held in Northampton on 16 October 2014.

The following topics were discussed:
  • Group objectives – these were to:
            – Support and represent trade and industry members of the Institute.
            – Monitor emerging needs and technologies in NDT and ensure availability.

            – Engage and work together with other people and organisations outside to promote NDT.
  • Materials Testing 2015 – the planning and management of the biennial exhibition is a core function of the Group. In 2015, the exhibition will return to the International Centre, Telford, from 8-10 September. There will be two sessions as part of the exhibition – one devoted to educational talks (with PCN relevance) and the other for commercial presentations by the exhibitors. Aspects of visitor promotion were discussed.
  • Conference table-top at NDT 2014, Manchester – this event was very successful with many new faces attending.
  • NDT 2016 Conference – the possibility of holding this in the North East was discussed. A suitable hotel with a large exhibition space is being sought.
  • Forthcoming events – the compilation of this list, which is in every month’s issue of Insight, is routinely discussed.
  • Website update – a summary of recent and planned improvements to the BINDT website was made and members suggested further improvements.
  • Membership update – seven new Associate Members were welcomed.
  • RCNDE – Peter Thayer of the Research Centre in NDE gave a report on activities. The third phase of the grant has recently been approved and The University of Manchester has joined the centre. Many of the Engineering Doctorates have gone on to become significant figures in the NDT industry.
  • Revival of the Service Inspection Group (SIG) – SIG is a sub-group of the Trade and Industry Group. The group is in the process of reforming and its objectives may well change. Chris Simmonds from Ultramag is leading the SIG revival and anyone interested in joining should contact Cindy Bailey at the Institute (Email:
  • Nemet Award – this is awarded by the Group ‘for an outstanding contribution to the practice of NDT (by an individual)’. The committee invites nominations.
  • Engagement with other industries – various projects are underway at present to improve communications with outside bodies, such as British Standards and other similar organisations.
As the Group develops, new objectives and the items discussed will vary. New members will be welcomed.